With regard to the cut to the Crocus Sativus filament, saffron is categorized in the market to the following categories:

Negin Saffron

With Coloring strength of near 250, Negin is the most prestigious type of Saffron that contains no floral waste (Styles) and the Crocus filaments’ crown in kept completely healthy during the entire process and packaging.





Sargol Saffron (All-red, Coupe)

Pure Stigmas of Crocus Sativus cut exactly from the red part are called cut (Coupe’) saffron or Sargol. We make use of very exact machinery with minute color sensor to cut the saffron stigmas. Toasted Sargol is the type in which through special care in drying the saffron, we lessen the coloring and aroma features’ evanescence, and preserve them in the filaments.




Pushali Saffron

The conventional type of saffron consisting of uncut and intact saffron stigmas mostly connected each three to the stem. The art in providing long-stemed, thick and healthy Pushali lies in thorough check up into the entire process of cultivation, harvesting, processing, drying and handling of this exquisite spice, that our QC unit totally covers the entire process.

Mancha Saffron

Typical to a special area called “Castille La Mancha” is the most common type used by Spanish people and sold worldwide bearing the name of Spanish saffron; hence containing more floral waste the coloring strength is lower than even conventional Pushali, but the floral waste helps the customer determine the reality of saffron, and is highly recommended among the Europeans.

Bunch Saffron

“Dasteh” or “ابوشیبه” is a special type of clustering saffron. Before the saffron is dried, the entire filaments are grouped in a bunch and a rope is tied around them.






The filaments are ground into two types of powder with different mesh size and hence different coloring strength and qaffron quality is the kept the same

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