Saffron Business Source

Our team has an outstanding resume in the field of production, processing and supplying different types of saffron (From Bunch to Negin) processed with fully automatic industrial and hygienic equipment and in conformity with international food processing standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP.

Year Around Availability

To ensure our supply to be available, healthy and qualified, we have negotiated with Saffron Farmers Union and have selected distinctive farmers and trained them for the required standards of land/bulbs plantation ratio. Moreover, the Quality Control Unit monitors the process of planting, pest control, and harvesting filtering the saffron entering the facility.


Saffron Business Analysis

A rather advanced accredited laboratory analyzes and sieves out the saffron input feed to the plant and classifies the saffron free of contamination according to the quality and specification of saffron into different types that will be available to our valued customers.

In the heart of the world’s saffron production, we utilize four above-zero fridges with a capacity of 5 tons of crocus flowers, and a storage capacity of 15 tons of frozen saffron. Enjoying a modern production hall enables the factory to cut the stigmas with fully automatic machinery according to the buyers’ request in the beginning of the saffron season, dry them out, toast and if required freeze the saffron according to request. Nevertheless, the entire process carefully monitored so that the natural flavor, aroma and coloring strength is preserved. Packaging is carried out according to the customer requests and in a way that it guarantees the conservancy of saffron natural aroma during its shelf-life.


Quality control covers the entire process to comply with ISO3632-1:2011 and ISO3632-2:2010 through sampling and reporting in order to ensure the quality of output product and brings us international credibility and reputation and as for the consumers’ confidence and warranty. No Ethylene Oxide is used in production process and no irradiation of any kind. Furthermore, the packaging we use complies with Food Contact Regulations 1935/2004 Directive 2002/72/EC of the European Union.


Given the potential of this business, the Commercial Unit tries to regulate demand-supply chain and maintain a worldwide constant price for saffron in the international markets in order to increase efficiency in saffron trade.