Customizable Saffron Packaging

Our experienced technicians will help you to meet your market demands with customizable packaging conforming to the packaging regulations of your own locale or beloved country.

In order to preserve the aroma, taste and lifetime, you should keep saffron in perfectly sealed containers that keep it away from exposure to air and/or humidity. Packaging plays an important role in every product sales; hence the price and superiority of saffron, packaging is far more important in saffron industry than any other field. There are many types of packaging available around the world, each are producible per our customer demand, though there are several brand new packages in Tin cans, glass jars, and PET designed by our R&D unit available only to our special customers, looking for excellence.

Moreover, we constantly keep upgrading our packaging with nuances we receive from our R&D unit or according to feedback we collect form the customers, shopkeepers and friends, in order to make our current packages customer-friendly, easy to use and at the same time efficient. We randomly buy our own goods from different shops to check our customer satisfaction, ranging from the print, labels, cellophane quality to the preservation of saffron in different times of the year and update the shop keeper accordingly if we see any anomalies in order to maintain our brand.


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